Skydrive gets a makeover for iOS, complete with automatic picture upload feature

Skydrive iOS

Microsoft has announced a major update to its Skydrive app for iOS, which brings with it more advanced photo storage features, and enhanced Facebook sharing options. This isn’t the first Skydrive app for Apple’s mobile operating system, as Microsoft has had a presence inside the App Store for a couple of years, steadily updating the Skydrive app in the meantime.

Now, with the recent release of iOS 7, Microsoft thought the time was right to give it a complete makeover, bringing it visually into line with the new, minimalist look of iOS. One of the most significant feature alterations is the ability to automatically share pictures taken with your iPhone or iPad onto your Skydrive. Much like Android’s auto-upload to Google+, you can choose whether this is done over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, plus you’re given the option to lower the resolution of the picture to help make the most of the available space.

Pictures shared through Skydrive are then visible on your Windows computer or tablet, along with images captured from any other device connected to the account. Viewing the pictures through the app, it’s possible to share them directly to Facebook, and Microsoft has added a few new options to make this easier. Single or multiple images can be shared, either to an existing or new album, and can be marked for public or private viewing in the app itself.

Finally, the Skydrive app now integrates with Office Mobile and OneNote for iOS, meaning there’s no more messing around with the Quicklook viewer if you need to examine or edit documents saved in Skydrive. The new look Skydrive app will be ready to download for free from the iTunes App Store today.