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Sorry Kermit, Nokia’s Android tease shows it’s really easy being green

sorry kermit nokia thinks easy green lumia 620 lime

Hi-yah! Take that Kermit. It turns out being green is really quite easy after all, provided you really commit to it. Nokia definitely doesn’t want to be red, yellow, or gold, and has painted all its social networking channels in the emerald hue. Visit Nokia’s Facebook page and the cover photo is now one solid panel of green, along with its profile picture too.

Pop over to see what’s happening on Twitter, and it’s a similar story. The background is green, so is its avatar and profile image. Nokia’s Google+ page is also resplendent in various shades of green. Nokia’s social presence is absolutely covered in a sea of green, if you will. 

Nokia Green FacebookSo what’s going on? We know from its brightly colored phones Nokia isn’t afraid of giving our retinas a workout, but why the sudden obsession with the froggy color? It hasn’t said a word, but we’ll take a wild guess and say it’s a hint Nokia’s about to hop over the fence to where the grass is, um, greener.

We’re talking about the rumored Nokia X, its first device to run Google’s Android operating system. Android’s mascot, remember, is a very green little robot. We’ve been hearing about the Nokia X for several months, and know it under the codename Normandy. The most recent gossip said the device would launch during Mobile World Congress, which begins on February 24.

Android may well power the Nokia X, and if we’re correct, Nokia’s already making a big deal out of its inclusion. However, It’s going to be a little different to regular Android phones. For example, it may look a bit like Windows Phone, and we’re not expecting to have access to Google Play, but a special Nokia app store and Microsoft-owned software like Bing, MixRadio, and Here Maps instead.

Nokia has scheduled a press conference for February 24 at 08:30 Barcelona time, so we’ve got a little over a week before all is revealed.

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