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Want a Google Pixel phone? Take it to Sprint for a discount

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Verizon may be the only carrier to officially offer the very popular Google Pixel smartphones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it elsewhere — and get a great deal while you’re at it. Taking a page out of T-Mobile’s book (which is offering account credits for activating a Pixel with the Un-carrier instead of Big Red) is none other than Sprint, which has surreptitiously sent out an email to certain customers offering a rather hefty account credit if they bring their Pixel to one of its stores.

In order to receive the enticing email (and take advantage of its offer), you’ll have to have the address linked to your account. The credit comes out to $240 for a Pixel and $325 for a Pixel XL, which you’ll receive via monthly credits over the course of two years. That means that you’ll receive a $ 10 credit for the Pixel, and a $13.55 credit every month for the XL for 24 months.

Don’t worry, though: Even if you didn’t get the email, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re out of luck. Rather, if you take the time to get in touch with Sprint’s support team and ask (nicely) about the promotion, you may be able to wheedle your way into some account credits. Once you do some sweet talking, you’ll need to activate a Sprint SIM card with your Pixel. While the promotion theoretically ought to apply to both new and existing customers, Android Police points out that getting the promotion may be more difficult if you’re coming to Sprint from somewhere else.

All the same, it’s worth a shot, but you’ll want to move quickly. According to the email, the deal is only available through December 31, and it’s only available in store. So if you’re looking for a new phone as a present this year, you may want to scurry over to Sprint to get your Pixel discount before it’s too late.

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