The cost of new customers: Sprint offers families $400 to switch


What would it take to get you to switch your family over to Sprint’s service? The mobile service provider is hoping $400 is the answer to that question, as it’s what they’re offering up to tempt folks make the switch for their families and embrace Sprint’s “Truly Unlimited” data plans.

This deal isn’t something new; it’s actually a retread of an old offer Sprint rolled out back in August of 2012. The $400 is awarded to anyone who leaves their current carrier behind and signs up three to five lines on either the Simply Everything Family or Everything Data Family plan. Included in either plan is unlimited data and texting. Simply Everything includes unlimited calling, while Everything Data requires purchasing either 450 or 900 minutes. That credit can then be applied to purchasing new phones that will be used on the plan.

For Sprint, the value in this deal is clear: $400 buys between three and five new customers for the next two years. For the families that take advantage of the offer, it really only makes sense if you’re planning to switch carriers anyway. Per a Sprint customer service agent, the Everything Data plan costs $80 per line while Simply Everything costs $100. You can only use the $400 toward the purchase of the phones, so you can’t opt for the freebie phones and apply your credit toward paying your bill. Getting nicer phones for free for making the switch is alright, but it’s probably not enough for you to uproot your family tree, assuming you’re happy with your current service.

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