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Survey says T-Mobile offers best customer service in the industry

survey says t mobile offers best customer service industry rolls out voice over lte seattle
Talking to customer service representatives in person or on the phone is rarely easy. Just ask the customer who tried to cancel with Comcast. Many users choose to head to the Web to find a solution instead, rather than risk berating an innocent rep. Sometimes, the answer isn’t online, though, so you have to go through all three channels just to get an answer. Needless to say, doing so tends to make customers very irate.

In a recent study JD Power found that of all the U.S. carriers, T-Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction, mainly because it solves users’ problems and answers their questions quickly, accurately, and kindly. More customers said that T-Mobile is “among the best” and gave the Uncarrier a five-star rating. The only other carriers to achieve such high marks were AT&T and Metro PCS. AT&T came in a close second behind T-Mobile with 788 points out of 1000. T-Mobile had 792 points.

Verizon and Sprint lagged behind with just 772 and 748 points and 3 and 2 star ratings respectively. Meanwhile, Metro PCS amassed 741 points and a 5-star rating, making it the top scorer in the non-contract category.

Shorty after the study was released, T-Mobile announced that it now has 50.5 million subscribers, up by 1.5 million this quarter alone. This is the fifth consecutive quarter in which T-Mobile has aded 1 million+ new subscribers. The company also turned a profit again. To celebrate, T-Mobile announced that Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) is now available for all its customers across the nation.

“We have completely reversed T-Mobile’s trajectory and started a revolution that is changing the rules in wireless,” John Legere, President and CEO of T-Mobile said in a press release. “Now — with more than 50 million customers, 1.5 million customers added this quarter and 5 quarters in a row of over 1 million net new customers — we are proud to be the fastest growing wireless company in America, with the fastest 4G LTE network and, just this morning, recognized for having the best Customer Service nationwide.”

It would seem that the Uncarrier is picking up momentum. Recently, T-Mobile announced a new family plan promotion, which more than doubles the amount of free data for families of four. In the meantime, reports hint that T-Mobile is gearing up to acquire Sprint, but the purchase may be delayed, perhaps to September.

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