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The Scarriers are the most horrifying monsters you will see this Halloween, says John Legere

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere is having a banner week. He kicked things off by flying over Verizon’s headquarters to call them (and other carriers) out on how customers are getting screwed by their tactic of charging for overages. Now we are only two days away from Halloween, so he’s going the spooky route.

Have you ever sat around a campfire and told scary stories? They usually involve some sort of monster or ghost right? Well Legere’s interpretation of a scary story is entirely different. You guessed it … it involves his rival carriers. According to Legere, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless are all something to be very scared about. He calls them The Scarriers.

Of course something like this must be hyped so that’s why Legere released a three-part video series on Twitter called The Scarriers. These videos show himself and some friends around a campfire in the wee hours of the night.

Legere warns us that the scarriers seem really nice at first as they pretend to be your friend and gain your trust. Once your guard is down, the scarriers turn into horrifying monsters.

The first such monster is Big Red (aka Verizon Wireless), the biggest of the scarriers. They tell you how everything is the best with them, but just when you’re feeling safe, Big Red sends you a bill for $2 million in overages. This is in reference to a real incident that happened to a couple in Oregon. In Verizon’s defense, the carrier admitted it was a mistake.

The next video involves a ouija board and The Big Yellow Bus, as in Sprint. Legere points out they charge for overages too.

Finally, the Death Star (aka AT&T) drains souls with bloodsucking corporate lawyers. This involves the story in which AT&T used legal council to reply to a customer who was only offering some ideas on how to improve the service. And of course, Legere reminds us that AT&T also charges for overages.

You can check out the videos below, and if they don’t terrify you, they will at least scare you silly.

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