T-Mobile calls July 10 event, where it will reveal its, “Boldest moves yet”

T-Mobile July 10 EventT-Mobile has announced it will hold an event on July 10 in New York. Details on what the carrier wants to chat about are scarce, but the invitation says we’ll hear about it’s, “Boldest moves yet.” The last time T-Mobile gathered the press together was at the end of March, when it unveiled its radical, “Uncarrier” plans; so could this event introduce the next phase in its transformation?

Its so-called, “Phase 2” plan was rumored earlier this month, and supposedly will see the network dispense with credit checks in the same way it did contracts. It will work in a similar way to a SIM-only plan, as customers who don’t want (or won’t pass) a credit check will have to pay the total cost of a phone up front, or supply their own. Additionally, T-Mobile may talk about MetroPCS, with which it merged recently.

T-Mobile has also been in the news this week due to comments made at a network trade show, where a company VP said it would be introducing LTE-Advanced features later this year. T-Mobile’s network is compatible with the standards required to implement a faster LTE-A connection, and it has boasted this puts it in a position to potentially launch the service earlier than its competitors. While it’s still early days for LTE-Advanced, it could be the differentiator T-Mobile needs to win more subscribers.

With its, “Boldest move yet,” strap line, we’d be surprised if the event was only to introduce a few new phones, although there’s a chance we could hear some solid news on the arrival of the Sony Xperia Z. Sony’s CEO made it clear the phone is headed to a U.S. network, and it has subsequently been revealed T-Mobile is the carrier in question. The only thing we’re missing is a release date.

We’ll bring you all the news from the T-Mobile event on July 10.

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