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Check out this unique TCL concept phone that folds and rolls

As sales of foldables soar, we expect more smartphone vendors to compete with Samsung in the segment, even though it may be a tough fight. Chinese companies like Oppo and Vivo are rumored to be launching new foldables soon. Meanwhile, TCL isn’t holding back either. It has showcased an amazing concept phone that rolls and folds, thus becoming a phone, tablet, or a phablet as and when needed.

TCL displayed a foldable and rollable phone concept during the DTC 2021 technology congress in China. You can see the smartphone in action in the below video.

TCL Fold and Slide 10"

The video showcases the supercool design in action. As the screen unfolds, the left part is extended by pressing a button and transforms into a full-fledged tablet.

As of now, the graphics of the phone’s display seem to be poor. You can observe that when the phone rolls out or rolls back in, it takes a few seconds to optimize the display. It would take a lot of software optimizations even if the hardware is ready to go into production soon.

Going by TCL’s history, we don’t expect the company to make it a commercial product. In the past, the company has announced plans to release foldables, but ended up canceling the launch. However, this is a new device and seems like it could one-up the competition with its unique rollable-foldable design.

Not much is known about the specifications of the device at the moment. The concept phone is said to have an OLED panel with high refresh rates up to 240Hz. The TCL foldable and rollable device is unlikely to be available for customers anytime soon.

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