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Don’t know what gift to give? Tendr adds a touch of class to sending cash

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It may seem less thoughtful than that strange yet sentimental item your dear Aunt Susie picked out for you at the flea market, but if we’re honest, there’s a reason we say cash is king. And now, giving a monetary gift is getting a bit of a face-lift thanks to Tendr, “the elegant way to give and receive cash gifts.” If Venmo and Paperless Post had a love child, this would probably be it — the Brooklyn-based company combines online cash transfers with sleekly designed cards to make sending and receiving money easier and, somehow, less tacky.


“Money has a long and proud tradition as being among the most desired gifts to give and, especially, receive,” Tendr CEO and co-founder Jeff Beil told Digital Trends. “[It’s] flexible and offers a much higher level of freedom. At Tendr, we aim to heighten the experience even further through a marriage of great technology and elegant design.” Ultimately, Beil said, his company is looking to make giving money more special than ever by putting design and sentiment first — so it’s like saying it’s the thought that counts, but there’s some real substance there, too.


Noting that many consumers today find “online payment services too transactional,” Biel and co-founder Spencer Bagley feel that Tendr serves as a solution to a number of pain points. To send a gift, create an account either by way of Facebook or an email address, then begin personalizing the card and choosing the cash amount you’d like to deliver. You can choose to send a gift by credit card, direct deposit (by way of bank details), or Venmo, but be warned, your recipient will have to have a Tendr account to receive your generosity. Don’t worry, though — signing up is free (but there is a flat per­ gift price of $3). And if you’re paying someone by credit card, there’s an additional 2.7 percent fee. 

Tendr has already processed more than$1 million in gifts, a milestone the company reached just a year after it launched on Valentine’s Day 2014. And whereas previously, Tendr was only used for specific occasions (becoming a new parent, graduating, and such), it’s now open to all. Because really, who needs a reason to give or get cash?

So if you’re at a loss for what to get your Facebook friend who invited you to her birthday or that cousin you never see, consider Tendr. You’ll be an instant hit.

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