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T-Mobile offering two Galaxy S7s for the price of one, but for only three days

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T-Mobile is apparently a huge fan of promotions, seeing how the carrier has offered everything from a free trip to Mars to up to half off the purchase of a Google Pixel. Now, as the holidays quickly approach, T-Mobile is ready for another promotion, this time centered around Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

Starting Friday, November 11, anyone who picks up the Galaxy S7 through T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan can get a second Galaxy S7 for “free.” Through the EIP, customers pay nothing upfront, then must fork over just under $29 a month for 24 months. As with other EIPs, customers can pay the Galaxy S7’s total remaining cost at any time during those two years, but must pay of the phone if they cancel their plans.

There is some fine print to keep in mind, however, with the first point being that the second Galaxy S7 is not free in the sense that you pay nothing. The cost of that second phone is eventually returned through 24 months of bill credits, which is a departure from the prepaid debit card T-Mobile handed out for its previous Galaxy S7 buy one, get one promotion. In other words, you will still need to pay the monthly for that second Galaxy S7, but the amount will be reimbursed.

That second phone must be on a qualifying line, which is why T-Mobile brought up its One package, which includes unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data for $70 a month. Customers can combine this promotion with T-Mobile’s Carrier Freedom, which pays up to $650 for every line that switches to T-Mobile. Tthe promotion also encompasses the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, in addition to the Galaxy S7, but not the Galaxy S7 Edge.

If the Galaxy S7 is a phone you had your eyes on for some time, especially if you planned on making the jump to T-Mobile anyway, this promotion seems like a solid one to take advantage of. Just remember that you have until Sunday, November 13, to make the plunge.

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