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Uber now lets you make multiple stops, whether or not you’re dressed as a horse

Uber | Add extra stops to your trip
Whether it’s for a good friend, a romantic partner, or, as Uber’s video ad suggests, the other half of a two-person horse costume, the good news is that the ridesharing service now lets you make multiple stops hassle-free during a single trip.

Until now, Uber only let you stipulate a start and end point for a ride, meaning that if you wanted to make a few pick-ups along the way to somewhere, or a few drop-offs on the way back, you had to quickly update the new destination midtrip or input a new ride request. That’s easier said than done if you’re three sheets to the wind at the end of a boozy night out.

The new feature — announced by the company in a video (above) showing an Uber rider dressed in one half of a horse costume being joined by a friend dressed in the other half as they make their way to a Halloween party — lets you add a total of three stops to your ride, allowing for easier pick-ups, drop-offs, and stop-offs.

To get started, simply tap the “Where to?” destination box in the Uber app and then tap “+”. Next, enter the addresses of your desired stops, and then request your ride.

“Should you need to make changes during your trip, you can also add and remove stops in real time,” Uber product manager Don Stayner wrote in a post explaining the new feature. “Your driver will automatically receive directions to each of the stops so you can sit back and relax.”

To make use of multiple stops, make sure you have the latest version of the app loaded onto your smartphone. Uber promises the new feature will show up in the coming days for riders around the world.

Perhaps the only surprise about Uber introducing multiple stops to its service is how long it’s taken to do it. Rival ridesharing outfit Lyft started offering the same feature in November 2016. “Think of how an extra stop can add to your day — maybe it’s grabbing a coffee on the way to work or your dry cleaning before going home,” Lyft said when it announced the addition to its service.

It’s been a busy week for Uber. On Wednesday, October 25, it announced the imminent arrival of an Uber credit card offering riders rewards for credits redeemable on Uber rides and UberEats orders, or for cash back and gift cards.

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