Now you have less of an excuse to not tip your Uber driver with in-app tipping

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Uber changed the taxi industry but mostly failed to adopt one of its foundational tenets — tipping. On Tuesday, the ridesharing giant is changing that and announced you can now tip your drivers straight from the app.

After upgrading to the latest version of the app, you will be able to add a tip after a completed trip or UberEats delivery. Once you input your star rating for the driver you will be given the option to tip in predetermined increments or any amount you desire. If you are unable to tip at the time or wish to do it later, you have up to 30 days to tip your rider. You will get detailed information on which trips you gave tips and the amount in your trip history.

Drivers will need to update their version of the app and click the Accept Tips button to opt-in. Drivers will also be happy to know their star ratings will not affect how much of the tip they receive as Uber does not get a cut of the money. Drivers can also cash out their tips using Instant Pay as soon as they receive the money.

At first, tipping will only be available in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston so Uber can test-run and properly assess the feature. But, everyone in the United States riding in Uber and/or ordering from UberEats will be able to give a bit extra to the driver in the Uber app by the end of July.

Uber has had a particularly complicated stance on tipping. At one point, Uber’s website informed riders  “tips are included in the price of a ride,” even though they have never been. It took Uber paying a $100 million settlement for the company to change its messaging to indicate drivers are allowed to solicit tips. Now the company has a policy where “drivers may request tips at their discretion.”

Lyft has allowed riders to do in-app tipping for years and announced its drivers have amassed more than $200 million in tips over four years.