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You can now order breakfast from UberEats in the U.K. at 7 in the morning

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Your list of excuses for skipping the most important meal of the day is growing shorter by the second, especially now that UberEats is now serving up breakfast on demand. That is, if you’re in the British capital of London. Beginning Tuesday, January 30, the ridesharing company is planning on helping you get a good start to your day by starting its services at an impressive 7 a.m. So rise and shine, sleepy heads. We know Uber does.

While previously, UberEats was not available in London until 11 a.m., the company has decided to expand its window of opportunity by a solid four hours. The new UberEats app will let you place an order not quite at the crack of dawn, but early enough to ensure that even if you don’t have time to make yourself a delicious breakfast, you can get one delivered.

And you can get it delivered just about anywhere. Because the app supports custom locations, you can have your first meal of the day waiting for you at a destination other than your doorstep. So whether you want to leave your spinning class to find an egg sandwich or get to your desk and start chowing down on a danish, Uber can help.

Already, Uber has a number of popular breakfast options on board, including PAUL, Bagel Factory, and Crepeaffaire, which are apparently all the rage across the pond. And while UberEats isn’t a particularly cheap service to use, it will likely prove a welcome service for those who can afford it.

Of course, competition in the breakfast space will remain fierce, especially with other services like Deliveroo offering food delivery. In fact, the British answer to Seamless recently started a monthly subscription model for folks who find themselves ordering in all the time. So get moving, UberEats. The people are hungry.

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