Univision and T-Mobile launch a new wireless service for U.S. Hispanic community

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T-Mobile and Spanish-language entertainment juggernaut Univision have announced a new wireless service, Univision Mobile, that targets the U.S. Hispanic community with affordable plans and Univision content.

While Univision will focus on the promotion and brand, T-Mobile will handle customer support, billing, and other back-end needs. With the partnership, Univision hopes to strengthen its entertainment brand in the mobile space, with T-Mobile wanting to net a larger percentage of Hispanic consumers.

Univision Mobile offers tailor-made services and features for the Hispanic community, which include:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text plans for $30 a month
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk, Text, and Web plans starting at $45 a month ($45 plan includes 2.5 GB of 3G speeds, $55 plan includes 2.5 GB of 4G speed)
  • Unlimited international texting from the U.S. to select Latin American countries and 200+ countries and destinations around the world
  • 100 minutes to call mobile or landline numbers from the U.S. to eight Latin American countries, including Mexico
  • Univision rewards, which include ringtones and wallpapers, sneak peeks of new Univision shows and premieres, and opportunities for behind-the-scenes VIP access to Univision events and television/radio personalities

While T-Mobile isn’t the only carrier that has tried to cater to the Hispanic community, with Verizon having partnered with Jennifer Lopez to launch Viva Mobil, T-Mobile chief marketing officer Mike Sievert thinks it can do it better. “We’ve looked at all the offerings in the marketplace and we think others are getting it wrong,” said Sievert.

Univision Mobile’s plans are of the no-contract variety, with devices sold under the banner including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Light, as well as the Alcatel Island and Evolve. If you’re not a fan of those devices, however, you can bring your own phone by buying a SIM card. Univision Mobile launches on May 19 in 1,800 Walmart stores and 6,000 independent dealers that serve Hispanic communities.