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VanDerWaals charging purses are the perfect Valentine’s gift for your lady

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This Valentine’s Day, give your lady a gift that will help her help you. Or rather, help her stay in touch with you. With mobile charging handbags from VanDerWaals, the woman in your life will be hard pressed to say that she didn’t respond to your text because her phone was dead. So if you’re looking to keep your significant other’s battery charged (both literally and … not so literally), take a look at one of the fantastic designs from VanDerWaals, the premier handbag company that combines fashion, function, and technology all in one bag.  

Thanks to its discreet internal power cord, any one of the VanDerWaals handbags will keep your smart phone, tablet, or portable device charged, leaving you free to get on with your busy life. But these bags are more than just tech-enablers — really, they’re fashion statements in and of themselves. Programmable through a free companion app, VanDerWaals handbags maintain the unique ability to change their color to match your outfit, your mood, or even your surroundings. Simply take a picture of the palette you’d like your VanDerWaals to emulate, and the bag will happily oblige. 

A truly transitional piece that will complement your life both practically and aesthetically, VanDerWaals notes that it draws its inspiration from “the innate human desire for self-expression.” Their wide selection of handbags are made from fine, premium leather and materials that are a true intersection between high fashion and the latest in wearable technology.

As the company states on its website, VanDerWaals is “committed to offering women the opportunity to express themselves  while staying plugged into their busy lives,” and you can buy into this promise with one of three sizes and styles — there’s the Caroline tote, which sells for $699, the Elena cross body ($499) and the new Flora clutch ($299).

So if you’re looking for a way to make an impression this Valentine’s Day, VanDerWaals looks to be the way to go.

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