Verizon Ups Indie Wireless Music Offerings

Verizon Wireless last week expanded its independent music offerings as it announced a slew of deals to bring a ton of new music artists to subscribers of its wireless broadband music service. Songs purchased through a V CAST Music compatible handset cost $1.99, in addition to a monthly service fee, and are downloaded immediately to the phone as well as queued for later download to a Windows XP PC.

Music deals were announced, according to Verizon, with independent distributors IODA (the Independent Online Distribution Alliance), CD Baby, The Orchard and Digital Rights Agency. Under the terms of these agreements full track downloads, as well as ringtones in some cases, will be made available for purchase and delivery to Verizon subscribers.

“V CAST Music has made the ability to obtain music easier than ever — especially when you consider the wide array of indie music V CAST now offers,