Verizon won’t throttle your unlimited LTE data, after all

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Back in July, as part of its “Network Optimization” plan, Verizon planned to throttle customers on its unlimited 4G LTE data plan whose data usage is in the top 5 percent. Verizon attempted to minimize the FCC’s anger at such a move by saying that throttling allows Verizon’s network to run smoothly for all subscribers, even though unlimited data subscribers are few and far between nowadays. It looks like Big Red decided to cancel its throttling plans for unlimited 4G LTE data, as reported by The Verge.

“We’ve greatly valued the ongoing dialogue over the past several months concerning network optimization and we’ve decided not to move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization for 4G LTE customers on unlimited plans,” reads the statement. “Exceptional network service will always be our priority and we remain committed to working closely with industry stakeholders to manage broadband issues so that American consumers get the world-class mobile service they expect and value.”

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler commended Verizon’s move to cancel its “network optimization” plan, calling the move a “responsible action,” while commending “Verizon’s leadership on the issue.” The reverse comes at a time when Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have all doubled the data included in their respective shared plans for a limited time.

While Verizon can just as easily reverse its decision, unlimited 4G LTE data users can utter a sigh of relief for the time being.

Image: Northfoto