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Visa, Amex, and Discover join MasterCard on Google Wallet


Google Wallet officially launched yesterday, which is great, but the real excitement is that Visa, American Express, and Discover have all jumped onboard and will soon be added to Google Wallet, explains the search giant. They aren’t available yet, but Google plans to add their cards into the app in the near future. Once support for all the major credit cards is rolling, the big problem Google needs to solve is releasing more devices that are capable of NFC (near-field communication), the wireless technology required to make Google Wallet work. We assume that the Nexus Prime and other top phones will be NFC-enabled, but it’s been a year since Google introduced the technology in the Nexus S, and it hasn’t yet been broadly adopted by handset partners.

For more information about the Google Wallet launch, check out Molly’s story from yesterday. If you’d like to learn more about Google Wallet itself, check out our guide: How Google Wallet works

And for those of you with a minute to kill, check out this commercial featuring George Castanza from Seinfeld

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