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Xperia Neo from Sony Ericsson photographed, detailed

Sony Ericsson continues to tease it’s much-anticipated “PlayStation phone” — the Xperia Play — as the coming weekend’s Mobile World Congress event approaches, but it seems now that the company is going to have more to announce at the event than you thought. An image of the Xperia Neo (pictured) has been spotted and posted over at Android Community, along with a set of specs which paint the picture of a beefy mobile handset capable of keeping up with other top offerings on the market.

As was revealed last week, the Xperia Neo will sport a 4-inch LED backlit screen, a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB of RAM and the same graphics processor built into the Xperia Play. Also included is an 8MP camera with an LED flash and HD video recording capabilities (720p), as well as a front-facing 2MP camera for video chats and awkward self-portraits. There’s also a mini-HDMI out port for connecting larger displays as well as a microUSB port. The phone will run on Android 2.3, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, dubbed Gingerbread, and will feature Sony’s TimeScape overlay, which folds e-mail, telephone use and social networking platforms into a single destination on your Xperia device.

Sony will be debuting the Xperia Neo alongside the Xperia Play at the 2011 Mobile World Congress, which kicks off on Sunday, February 13 in Barcelona, Spain. Sony Ericsson will kick off the yearly gathering with a press conference, so you can most likely expect more official word to emerge on both the Neo and the Play before the end of the coming weekend.

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