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YouTube launches fresh new homepage on iOS and Android tablets and desktops

Get ready to see YouTube in a fresh new light. Interface updates are rolling out across desktop and Android and iOS tablets, and both platforms will also be getting some great new tools to facilitate your YouTube addiction.

The goals of the changes are to make finding new videos easier, as well as pinpointing new content from creators you love. As such, video thumbnails have been made larger and video titles have been given more room to allow for longer, more descriptive titles. In addition, channel icons are also now visible, making it easy to quickly identify a video from a favorite channel.

Regular YouTubers may be dismayed by the apparent disappearance of some content shelves for breaking news, music mixes, and others, but they are still there, and you’ll be able to find them beneath the fold.

It’s not just about making icons larger though, and YouTube has also added some much-needed features to desktop and tablets. Namely, the Add to queue option mobile users have been enjoying for ages. When the update rolls out, you’ll be able to find an Add to queue button in the top-right of a video’s thumbnail, just below the Watch later button. Tap the new button and the video will be added to a Now playing playlist and will play when your current video has finished. It’s the perfect tool for YouTube binge-watching, and a very welcome addition.

Finally, you can also now strip out recommendations from channels you’d rather not see. Similar to the Not interested option, Don’t recommend channel indicates to YouTube you’d really rather not see on your homepage. You’ll still be able to find that channel’s videos through YouTube search and on the Trending tab, but they should no longer show up on your homepage.

The changes are rolling out for YouTube on desktops, laptops, and Android and iOS tablets, and you should test it out by watching some of the funniest YouTube videos of all time.

More changes and additions are coming to desktops, tablets, and iOS devices soon — including the ability to select your favorite topics for your homepage in order to fill it with related videos. According to YouTube, that and more new features will be coming soon.

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