This 1-inch sensor might reshape your golf, baseball, or tennis game – and it’s out now

If you’re serious about golf, baseball, or tennis, you may want to add an item to your Christmas list. Today, Zepp Labs has released its $150 sports sensor for these three sports, which are each available now at, in Apple Stores Nov. 19, and Verizon stores on Nov. 21. There are free apps and $10 mounts available for each of the three sports.

The goal here is to give you tons of data so you can improve your golf, baseball, or tennis swing and form. The sensor itself is a small, 1-inch bright yellow pendant of sorts with an ARM processor, accelerometer, gyroscope, 8-hour battery, and Bluetooth sensor inside. The sensor has enough memory in it to record up to 200,000 tennis swings, or 2,000 baseball/golf swings. If you’re playing golf, you attach it to your hand, and if you’re playing tennis or baseball, it hooks right onto the end of your racket or bat thanks to a rubber mount. If you’re a total adrenaline junkie, you can swap it between all three sports without hassle.

Each sport comes with its own app, which records “up to 1,000 data points per second” from the sensor and shows you precisely how hard, how fast, and from what angle you hit your ball. There are even 3D models that lay out your swing completely, so you can analyze your mistakes. Each sport has an app that’s completely tailored to its needs. Zepp Tennis, for instance, records things like your backhand; Zepp Baseball tells you how efficiently your bat stays in the “hitting zone;” and Zepp Golf goes so far as to track your hip rotation. The golf app is an evolution of Zepp’s Golf Sense, which Caleb put to the test some time back.

Below is Zepp’s promotional video for the baseball app. Check out the 3D modeling. You can read our initial post about the new Zepp sports sensor packages here. Zepp says that new sports may be available in the future, and based on their history, you should be able to use the same sensor for them, as well.