50 Shades of Grey is better with Buscemi

Whatever you might think about the storyline for 50 Shades of Grey, Shakespeare it ain’t. More of a symbol for sexual awakening than a story that actually resonates in the realm of reality, the upcoming movie based on the bestselling novel is ripe for parody. And who better to fill in for the movie’s rising star, newly crowned “heartthrob” Jamie Dornan, than…Steve Buscemi?

Chronicling a myriad of scenes from throughout the character actor’s career, we get a hilarious glimpse of what might happen should Anastasia Steele’s enigmatic new lover, Christian Grey (yes, those really are the names of the characters), be replaced by the notoriously “funny lookin’” Steve Buscemi. From Buscemi’s unforgettable lipstick scene in Billy Madison, to snap shots going all the way back to Reservoir Dogs, this new Trailer Recut from Boo Ya pictures clowns on the 50 Shades trailer in high fashion.

The most ridiculous line pulled out of context? “You can bet your keister I’m gonna get a piece of that pie.”