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Yes, someone used AI to create Aliens: The Musical — and it’s terrifying

Director James Cameron’s 1984 film, The Terminator, offered a grim vision of an AI-controlled future that nearly exterminated humanity. But somehow, we doubt that Cameron ever envisioned the day that AI would come for his 1986 sci-fi classic, Aliens, and turn it into Aliens: The Musical. The following images were created by a Reddit user who goes by GarryWalkerNFTArtist, and it presents a ludicrous, yet fascinating, mash-up of action and interpretive dance.

Some colonial marines dance a jig in Aliens: The Musical.
Images created by Garry Walker/Midjourney

In this image, the Colonial Marines have arrived on the surface of LV-426 where they will dance their way to certain doom at the hands of the Alien Xenomorphs.

Aliens are dancing in Aliens: The Musical.
Images created by Garry Walker/Midjourney

These Aliens don’t just bleed acid, they also cut a rug on the dance floor.

Ripley sings in Aliens: The Musical.
Images created by Garry Walker/Midjourney

And what’s a musical without a star? Ladies and gentlemen, meet the digital avatar of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley as she uses the power of her voice to tell the Xenomorph Queen to “get away from her, you bitch!”

Not exactly Ellen Ripley in Aliens: The Musical.
Images created by Garry Walker/Midjourney

As you can see in the image above, AI-generated art is far from perfect. And this image of Ripley is decidedly un-Sigourney-like. If anything, Ripley looks more like an intergalactic Richard Simmons in this pic.

Bishop commands the dance floor in Aliens: The Musical.
Images created by Garry Walker/Midjourney

Ripley doesn’t trust androids, so Lance Henriksen’s Bishop is just going to have to win her over on the dance floor. Although at this point, it’s looking more like Saturday Night Fever than Aliens.

Get ready for a power ballad in Alien: The Musical.
Images created by Garry Walker/Midjourney

Of course, no Aliens musical would be complete if the Xenomorphs didn’t get in a few power ballads of their own. The only question is whether the Aliens should be given Broadway-style singing voices or if their various hisses and shrieks should be reinterpreted as songs that only they can understand.

There is no actual music to go along with these images. But given the recent advances in technology, such a step is probably only a matter of time. For now, this is yet another glimpse at how AI can take something familiar and turn it into an entirely different thing for no reason at all.

Editor’s note: The images included in this article were created using Midjourney. Please read Digital Trends’ article about how to use Midjourney to generate AI images. Garry Walker’s official site can be found here.

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