Larry David feels the Bern as Sanders impersonates him on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Bernie Sanders couldn’t resist giving Larry David a small taste of his own medicine on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night. When Kimmel asked the presidential hopeful what he thought of the comedian’s impression of him on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, Sanders responded with an impression of his own.

David’s impersonation was part of a sketch that parodied CNN’s Democratic debate, held on Oct. 13 in Las Vegas. In it, he played Sanders while other actors portrayed the remaining participants: Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), Jim Webb (Alec Baldwin), Lincoln Chafee (Kyle Mooney), and Martin O’Malley (Taran Killam). Jon Rudnitsky took on the role of moderator Anderson Cooper. The “debate” included numerous jokes at each candidate’s expense, and perhaps the strangest punchline was the parodied Sanders’ admission that he owns only one pair of underwear.

Based on his reaction to Kimmel’s question about the sketch, Sanders was unfazed by the ribbing. “Well, I thought it was pretty, pretty, pretty good,” he said, channeling David. His payback earned the amusement of Kimmel and the audience’s as well.

It was a big night for Sanders. Not only did he get to chat with Kimmel, he was on the show on Back to the Future Day, giving him the chance to meet one of the iconic film’s stars, Christopher Lloyd. He tweeted a picture of the enviable experience, also sharing that he’s the future president, according to “future boy.”

With all the criticism that every presidential candidate faces on a regular basis, it’s nice to see that Sanders is able to take it in stride. Watch the SNL skit that inspired Sanders to try out a David impression below.