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The best 2023 Super Bowl commercials, ranked

The 2023 Super Bowl had plenty of memorable storylines. First of all, the game was an instant classic as the Kansas City Chiefs kicked a field goal in the closing seconds to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. During the halftime show, Rihanna reminded the world that her discography is untouchable as she performed smash hit after smash hit for over 10 minutes. Also, Rihanna revealed to the world that she is pregnant with her second child.

However, many of you probably watched the Super Bowl to experience the commercials. Many A-list actors, actresses, and musicians were cast to star in commercials for well-known brands like Pepsi, Netflix, and Dunkin’ Donuts. With so many commercials to choose from, we narrowed our list to five of the best commercials from the 2023 Super Bowl.

7. GM x Netflix x Will Ferrell

Why not an EV? | GM x Netflix

Having Will Ferrell (Step Brothers) as the star of a commercial is a cheat code because it will always result in a few laughs. The comedian teamed up with GM and Netflix to highlight how the streaming service will use more electric vehicles in their shows.

Ferrell inserted himself into popular Netflix shows, like Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Bridgerton, and spotlighted electric vehicles in each program. Will Bridgerton use electric vehicles for future seasons? As Ferrell put it, they “shant.”

6. Melissa McCarthy in

Melissa McCarthy in "Somewhere, Anywhere" (Full Musical) |

We knew Melissa McCarthy was a comedic chameleon in such hits as Bridesmaids, Spy, and The Boss. But she takes it to a whole new level in’s Super Bowl commercial, where the actress takes on multiple disguises, in different exotic locations, to illustrate the desire to escape and the need for a good travel website.

From a ski resort to a beach party, McCarthy seems to be having a ball performing the song “Somewhere, Anywhere” while jet-setting in international locations or just lying on her comfy bed with her dogs. The commercial may not be clever, but it’s pure fun and does what it sets out to do: makes you want to book a vacation using!

5. Tubi storms the Super Bowl

Tubi Rabbit Hole | Super Bowl

Have you heard of Tubi? Well, if you haven’t, chances are you know it now. The upstart streamer had not one, not two, but three different ads during the 2023 Super Bowl. That’s a pricey investment, considering each 30-second spot costs around $7 million.

What’s even more stunning is that all of Tubi’s commercials were worth the pricey spend. The most innovative was “Tubi Rabbit Hole,” their take on Alice going down the rabbit hole and discovering a land of enchantment. The twist here is that instead of tea parties, Alice will discover free movies and TV shows (with ads!) on the Tubi streaming service. Sign us up!

4. Alicia Silverstone returns as Cher for Rakuten

The Extended Cher Cut | Rakuten Commercial

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion, especially when it comes to the ’90s. Rakuten, a shopping service that offers cash back, enlisted the help of Alicia Silverstone (Senior Year) and her iconic character, Cher Horowitz, from the 1995 film Clueless.

Cher donned her iconic yellow plaid outfit and famous catchphrase, “As if!,” as she explained the benefits of Rakuten to a class of high school students. Silverstone is more than ready for the Clueless sequel, as her reprisal as Cher was seamless.

3. Breaking PopCorners

PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial | Breaking Good 60

Yo Mr. White, PopCorners! Bryan Cranston (Your Honor) and Aaron Paul (Dual) will forever be tied to their iconic roles of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. That’s not a bad thing. The more the duo reprises their roles from Breaking Bad, the better it is for fans who miss the show.

Walter and Jesse are back to cooking in their RV, but instead of meth, they’re perfecting the recipe for PopCorners. When it’s time to find a dealer, they call an old acquaintance, Tuco Salamanca (Better Call Saul), who thinks the snacks are “tight, tight, tight.”

2. Great acting with Ben Stiller

Great Acting or Great Taste? | Ben Stiller

Because of his recent work as a director on Escape at Dannemora and Severance, it’s easy to forget that Ben Stiller is a fantastic actor and comedian. Stiller teamed with Pepsi to highlight how an actor’s job is to make the viewer believe that what they are seeing is real.

The commercial draws its laughs from Stiller acting out such roles as Thanos from Avengers: Endgame and Wall-E from Wall-E. (He even pushes his robotic co-star down after the cameras stop rolling!) When he finally takes a sip of Pepsi Zero Sugar as just himself, Stiller professes to love the taste. Were those comments genuine, or was Stiller acting? Either way, make more Pepsi ads with Derek Zoolander, who appears all too briefly.

1. A new employee at Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin' 'Drive-Thru' Starring Ben

Find someone who loves anything more than Ben Affleck (Air) loves Dunkin’ Donuts. The Academy Award winner loves his Dunkin as the paparazzi repeatedly snaps pictures of Affleck holding a large Dunkin’ iced coffee.

Because of his affection for the brand, Dunkin secured Affleck to work at a drive-thru in Medford, Massachusetts. Affleck’s Boston accent returned as he interacted with customers trying to get their coffee and donuts. A surprise appearance by his wife, Jennifer Lopez (Shotgun Wedding), was the cherry on top of the glazed donut.

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