Between the Streams: AI writes a movie, The Conjuring 2, Warcraft, and more

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Every week, we line up a ton of cool developments in the world of entertainment, but this week we have some especially interesting topics to delve into, including a movie that was entirely written by an AI program. Yes, you read that right, a freaking algorithm wrote a movie, and as you might guess, it’s pretty damned weird. How do we know? They actually made the thing, and got none other than Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch, along with two talented other players, to act out what can perhaps best be described as beautiful, aphasiatic nonsense. We’ll talk about the burgeoning idea of computers becoming the talent, and just how far off that might be.

That’s just a piece of today’s multiflavored pie. We’ll also be discussing many more human -rafted stories from Hollywood, including the premieres of Warcraft — the critically panned RPG come to life that is killing it in overseas ticket sales — and The Conjuring 2, which is somewhat hilariously deemed to be “based on a true story.” Or is it hilarious? (Yes, it is.)

Other topics that may make an appearance in today’s smorgasbord include reboots galore, from Netflix’s nostalgic new Voltron series, to the Battlestar Galactica movie (which just got a new writer), to Brian Grazer’s new plans for his classic ’80s film SplashThe latter is rumored to be a call back to Grazer’s original screenplay, which was initially written from the point of view of the mermaid, but was later adapted to more closely follow Tom Hanks’ human character. Today’s CGI might just make this one of the few movies actually worth the reboot effort — Aquaman as a rom-com?

We’ll be discussing many of these topics, as well as our Between the Cracks, Highlight of the Week, and so much more on today’s show, so check us out live at 2 p.m. PT, or follow us on Stitcher and iTunes.