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Weed, sex, and race relations headline Chelsea Handler’s new docuseries on Netflix

If you’ve been missing Chelsea Handler’s vulgar sense of humor since her exit from E!’s Chelsea Lately, you can get an early fix via the newly-released trailer for her upcoming Netflix series, Chelsea Does.

The first look at the four-part documentary seems to show that the comedian is taking full stock of Netflix’s hands-off approach, touching on just about every controversial topic there is. In the two-minute trailer, she’s seen smoking marijuana with country sensation Willie Nelson, interviewing Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman and his wife, calling sobriety “boring,” engaging in bondage, and donning a pink wedding dress as she questions the concept of marriage.

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True to her no-filter style, she’s also seen digging into plenty of stereotypes, justifying it with her typical, one-liner style: “I want to live in a place where a person of every color is able to hit on me,” she says.

The trailer description states that the show will feature Handler “asking the questions that we all have, but are too afraid to ask.” Indeed, she’s seen stifling a laugh when Biderman says there are no extramarital affairs between he and his wife, and even questioning Silicon Valley technology. “What is streaming?” she asks of the very service that’s hosting this docuseries, along with her upcoming talk show. “I’m not really sure.”

Since confirming her departure from the long-running talk show Chelsea Lately in 2014, the outspoken comedian has been vocal about her love for the Netflix model that “lets talent drive its own car,” as she noted at the Television Critics Association.

Chelsea Does is set to debut on Netflix on January 23, presumably with all four episodes available at once. It will premiere first, though, at the Sundance Film Festival.

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