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Colbert to interview Bill Clinton on The Late Show next Tuesday

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Next Tuesday, former president Bill Clinton will sit in Stephen Colbert’s Late Show hot seat.

Clinton’s appearance will coincide with the end of the 11th Clinton Global Initiative conference which brings together leaders in the government and the private sector to develop public programs. While Colbert will undoubtedly speak on the Initiative, which has come under scrutiny lately, the late night host will no doubt have some questions about Hillary Clinton’s bid for president during what has become one of the strangest campaign seasons in recent memory.

Colbert’s awkward comment to current First Lady Michelle Obama about the former president may also be a source of conversation. Noting a letter that Obama received from former First Lady Laura Bush, Colbert asked what the current first lady would say to her successor if the person happened to be the husband of a female president.

“What would you say,” he asked (per to Deadline). “What’s the thing he needs to know more than anything else about the job?” While her response — “follow your passion, just be you” — was a safe answer, Colbert picked up on the fact that it could be misinterpreted to allude to Bill Clinton’s inappropriate past. “I think he does,” said the jokester, before quickly following up with “I meant that in the best possible way,” to make sure not to embarrass the First Lady. It should be interesting to see if that — or any other controversial topics — comes up in Tuesday’s interview.

Clinton has had a busy fall so far, assisting his wife’s presidential campaign. He recently blamed the GOP for blowing up Hillary’s email fiasco, saying “the other party doesn’t want to run against her,” in a recent interview with CNN. “And if they do,” he continued, “they’d like her as mangled up as possible.” In October, he’ll appear in fundraisers for his wife’s campaign in Atlanta, Kansas City, West Virginia, and Michigan according to ABC News.

Also scheduled for Colbert’s October 6th show are comedian Billy Eichner and musical guest Florence and the Machine.

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