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Showtime isn't bringing 'Dexter' back, but will mark 10-year anniversary with trailer

Can you believe that it has been almost a decade since viewers first met Dexter Morgan, the vigilante killer who lived a double life as a blood spatter analyst, father, and all-around normal guy while fighting his own inner demons? Yes, the first episode of Dexter aired on October 1, 2006, and Showtime wants to celebrate the milestone. (Note: some spoilers ahead).

Part of that celebration is a brilliantly constructed “trailer” for the entire series that captures some of the key moments, people, and inner turmoil for the title character, who was beautifully portrayed by Michael C. Hall. Showtime is also calling for fans to vote on their favorite episode from the show’s eight-season run. The network will gather the top 10, based on the votes, and run a marathon on October 1. Showtime also makes the entire series available through its Showtime Anytime streaming service. The entire series is also available on Netflix.

Sure, the trailer won’t bring back the show, which some fans have been calling for since it left us with what many felt was a lackluster ending. But it will help remind us of some of the finer moments — and characters — from the series. Consider this Showtime’s way of saying we’re sorry we’re not bringing the show back, but here are two and-a-half minutes worth of clips to bring back the great memories. It’s not as good as a new season, but we’ll take it.

In the show, Dexter struggles with controlling his urges to kill by focusing on his job in forensics, his family — including his girlfriend, sister, stepkids and, eventually, his own kid,  — and trying to emulate what it is to be “normal.” He’s learned to control his urges to a degree, and trained himself, with the help of his now-deceased father, to direct them toward ridding the world of the bad people, often killers themselves. If you absolutely have to kill, you might as well target the most “deserving” victims, right? At least this is the mantra thath Dexter and his “Dark Passenger” live by. Luckily, his job makes access to information and a never-ending database of bad guys a nonissue.

The show’s first season was inspired by the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay.

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