Entourage pulls in $2 million on a Tuesday ahead of an expected huge weekend

entourage movie box office update

The feature film Entourage looks to be gearing up for a huge opening week. Though not set to officially release until today, the long anticipated full-length feature of the popular HBO series raked in $2 million in previews last night. According to Fandango, the film accounted for around half of all ticket sales on the site yesterday.

With such big numbers on a Tuesday, Entourage is expected to continue to draw in huge audiences as it opens in more theaters tonight and continues through the weekend, in spite of its utter lack of any family-friendly appeal. Skewed toward adult audiences, the comedy-drama is rated R for “pervasive language, strong sexual content, nudity and some drug use.” Of course, as a continuation of an HBO TV series that ran for eight seasons, that shouldn’t come as a surprise — least of all to anyone who’s familiar with the original series from creator Doug Ellin, who also penned the script.

Four years after the series finale, fans seem to be loving their reunion with Vincent Chase and his, well, entourage. At the time of publishing, the reviews on Fandango showed a fan rating just shy of a full five stars. Critics, on the other hand, have been less impressed, given that the Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer” was at just 31 percent.

As financially successful as the movie has been so far, its storyline has the characters engaged in a much more precarious film that’s also Vince’s directorial debut, which goes completely over budget. The risky project has Ari Gold, now a studio head, trying desperately to secure financing, while Vince carries on with his usual laid-back lifestyle. Along the way, he runs into one A-list celebrity after another as, just like the series, Entourage the film has as many cameos as it does curse words. OK, not quite, but it is full of them. Two Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, multiple adult film stars, and numerous well-known actors and actresses—from Jessica Alba to Bob Saget—make appearances.

The film is predicted to take in somewhere in the mid $20Ms in the first five days, even with Spy and San Andreas offering stiff competition.