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Fantastic Four reboot’s superhero casting nears completion

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The upcoming Fantastic Four reboot from 20th Century Fox and Chronicle director Josh Trank appears to have settled on its quartet of super-powered beings, as “multiple individuals familiar with the superhero movie” tell TheWrap. If ongoing negotiations work out as planned, Miles Teller will play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic; Kate Mara takes the role of Richards’ wife (or perhaps just love interest for this reboot), Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman; Michael B. Jordan will play Sue’s brother Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch; and Jamie Bell will step up as Mr. Fantastic’s longtime friend and ally Ben Grimm, aka The Thing.

Bell’s association with the project is fresh news, but Teller, Mara, and Jordan were all identified previously as candidates for their respective roles, though Jordan is the only 100-percent-confirmed cast member. Bell is said to be in “heavy discussions” now and Mara is in “final negotiations.” Talks also continue with Teller, who is apparently the studio’s top choice for the Richards role, but his commitment to Divergent and its sequel, Insurgent, could be a problem. The sequel is set to film in Louisiana at the same time Fantastic Four goes into production.

Fox will have to move on to a different choice if Teller’s conflict can’t be resolved. There’s also the issue of chemistry, according to TheWrap’s insiders. The quartet of Marvel Comics superheroes has always had a tight-knit relationship, thanks largely to the bonds of family and friendship that hold them together. If the four actors cast – whether it’s this group or another – don’t play well together in group screen tests, casting changes will be necessary. For the moment, Teller, Mara, Jordan, and Bell appear to be the top candidates.

The studio will have to work out these issues soon, as the undoubtedly effects-heavy Fantastic Four is still targeted for a June 19, 2015.

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