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Fatal Attraction is coming to a TV near you in reboot form

fatal attraction tv series movie
Rabbit-lovers and potential adulterers beware, Fatal Attraction is coming to television.

The 1987 thriller is reportedly next in line for the reboot treatment, with FOX developing an “event series” based on the popular film about a married man whose affair has dangerous ramifications for his life and his family.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mad Men writers Maria and Andre Jacquemetton will pen the script for the Fatal Attraction series, which will initially debut as a limited run with the potential to return for another season.

In the original film, Michael Douglas played an attorney who has an affair with a book editor played by Glenn Close, only to discover that she’s not inclined to let their relationship end with a single fling. As her obsession spirals to deeper and darker levels, Douglas’ character finds his entire life thrown into disarray and his loved ones put in danger by his indiscretion. (In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, the family’s pet rabbit suffers a particularly gruesome fate.)

A surprise hit when it was first released, Fatal Attraction earned more than $320 million worldwide and was nominated for six Academy Awards — including a “Best Picture” nomination and a pair of nominations for both Close and supporting actress Anne Archer.

Much like the film, the planned television series will follow a married man whose affair comes back to haunt him.

The series based on Fatal Attraction is the latest reboot-style television project for FOX, which also has upcoming series based on The X-Files and Minority Report in the works.

There’s currently no official timeline for the Fatal Attraction series, which has yet to finalize a script. Once the script is finalized and the cast and creative team are attached, the announcement of a premiere date will likely follow.

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