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Watch the first clip of Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughters in Yoga Hosers

Kevin Smith has released a new clip from his upcoming Clerk-ish film project Yoga Hosers, featuring two teens named Colleen who work together in a Canadian convenience store.

The short minute-and-a-half segment showcases the writer/director’s knack for youthful themes, with an older male high school-aged student and a less-cool sidekick inviting the pair to a Friday night party.

The new film, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, comes as a follow up to Smith’s 2014 film Tusk, and again features Johnny Depp in a supporting role and Smith and Depp’s teenage daughters as convenience store-workers. This time though, the young Depp and Smith have leading roles, and the character dynamic between the young pair seems well sorted, with the more jovial Harley Quinn Smith offsetting Lily-Rose Depp’s drier disposition in the clip.

Showcasing the elder Smith’s love of everything humorous and Canadian, the scene from Yoga Hosers is fraught with terrible puns specifically developed with the great white north in mind; The convenience store is called Eh-2-Zed, the extra players have an extremely over-dramatized accent, and the two leads appear to work in front of a literal wall of maple syrup.

The film will be the second in what Smith calls his True North Trilogy, following Tusk. A third film in the trilogy, called Moose Jaws, is set to start filming next month.

A geek-friendly comedy/horror release with a myriad of twists and turns that are rumored to be highly unbelievable, the film didn’t receive the kindest of critical responses following its showing at the acclaimed Utah film festival. Still, longtime fans of Smith’s storytelling will likely want to catch this one when it hits theaters.

Yoga Hosers does not yet have an official theatrical release date, but having already premiered stateside, it will likely hit a limited run of screens in the U.S. before the end of 2016, with at home and streaming options to follow shortly thereafter.

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