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The boys are back in Danny Boyle’s first trailer for ‘Trainspotting’ sequel

Famed director Danny Boyle has released the first extended peek at the sequel to his iconic 1990s drama Trainspotting, which catches up with the four main characters from the first film, who are now decades removed from their original heroin-laden exploits.

Called T2 Trainspotting, Boyle’s follow-up is based on Porno, the literary sequel to the original Trainspotting book — Boyle adapted the classic film from a novel written by Irvine Welsh.

The literary version of Porno is set a decade after the plot of Trainspotting, but Boyle’s film adaptation will take place approximately two decades after the original 1996 film, largely because the four original actors from Trainspotting returned to reprise their original roles in the sequel.

The trailer largely follows the same style as the 1996 film, with narration from Ewan McGregor, dark drug-infused shots, and characters who appear to be struggling with various dire psychological and physical circumstances.

“Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,” says McGregor’s character in a modern adaptation of the classic “Choose Life” rant from the original film, “And hope that someone, somewhere cares.”

Time will tell whether the stylized drama can capture as many hearts in the internet era. But given the original’s longtime cult status, where it often occupies shelf space alongside films like Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, and Requiem for a Dream, there will probably be a decent turnout at the box office, if only for nostalgia’s sake.

With Boyle again directing McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Johnny Lee Miller, and Ewen Bremner — all reprising their original roles in the new film — and a soundtrack that appears to stick to iconic alt-classics from Trainspotting (Underworld’s Born Slippy plays during the two minute preview), it looks like all the ingredients that pleased fans the first time around are in place .

T2 Trainspotting hits theaters on January 27, 2017.

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