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The ‘Game of Thrones’ exhibition tour might be coming to a city near you

game of thrones exhibition tour
HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is nearing the end of its record-breaking run, but the high-fantasy drama still has more to offer its fans — namely, the Game of Thrones: Exhibition Tour that will bring the fictional land of Westeros to cities all around the world.

HBO and global events provider GES announced plans for the touring exhibition this week, with a kick-off date in fall 2017 somewhere in Europe. Additional cities and tour dates outside Europe will be announced at a later point.

Promising to “drop fans in the center of the Seven Kingdoms for an up-close and personal look at authentic props, costumes, and set decorations from the show,” the tour will feature a “10,000-square-foot interactive experience” with multimedia content exploring the mythical worlds of Westeros and Essos. Costumes, props, weapons, and armor from the series will be on display, as well as several themed portions of the exhibit based on iconic locations and moments from the show.

The press release announcing the exhibition offered up a photo depicting one element of the tour and identified several of the themed areas of the exhibit:

  • The wintry landscapes of the North, the tree-lined pathway of the King’s Road, and the regal settings of King’s Landing.
  • The conquered city of Meereen with its garrisons of Unsullied warriors and the loyalists of House Targaryen.
  • Iconic settings like the mysterious House of Black and White, the home of the Night’s Watch: Castle Black; and the frozen lands Beyond the Wall.
  • The show stopping centerpiece of the iconic Iron Throne Room, where visitors can gaze upon the Westerosi seat of power in all its foreboding glory.

“Based on the stellar work GES has done with previous entertainment partners, we think this exhibition is going to be something fans will love, regardless of which part of the world they call home, and we’re excited to give them the opportunity to visit and celebrate the incredible craftsmanship of the talented Game of Thrones production team,” Jeff Peters, HBO’s director of global licensing, said in a statement.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is scheduled to premiere July 16 on HBO.

The specific dates and locations for Game of Thrones: Exhibition Tour will likely be announced in the near future.

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