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Take a gander at the ‘Ghost Chipper’ in the first clip from ‘Ghostbusters’

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If you’re going to battle paranormal pests, you need the right gear for the job — and apparently, that includes a “Ghost Chipper” and a “Proton Glove.”

Sony Pictures has released (via Twitter) the first clip from director Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, and it features the new team getting acquainted with some of the high-powered tech invented by actress Kate McKinnon’s eccentric nuclear engineer character, Jillian Holtzmann. Along with witnessing the effects of a device that’s essentially a wood chipper for supernatural threats, the team also checks out an energy-spewing glove intended to, according to McKinnon’s character), “maximize flexibility during hand-to-specter combat.”

The results? Well, let’s just say the Ghostbusters’ new gear makes an appropriately explosive debut.

Hand-to-specter combat ready. #Ghostbusters

— Ghostbusters (@Ghostbusters) June 30, 2016

Directed by Bridesmaids filmmaker Feig, Ghostbusters casts Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy as a brilliant particle physicist and an expert in the paranormal, respectively, while McKinnon plays the engineer they recruit to build their ghostbusting gear. Leslie Jones plays a subway station worker who joins the team and also brings along the Cadillac hearse that becomes the new ECTO-1.

Along with the film’s quartet of leading ladies, the film also features Chris Hemsworth as the team’s receptionist, Andy Garcia as New York City’s mayor, and — according to unconfirmed reports — some cameos from the stars of the original 1984 film.

Feig co-wrote the film with his writing partner on The Heat, Katie Dippold, and the script reportedly features quite a few call-outs to the original film outside of the aforementioned cameos.

Ghostbusters is scheduled to hit theaters July 15.

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