Murph! Even if you loved Interstellar you’ll enjoy this skewering from Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies’ “Honest Trailers” video series has a knack for skewering films in a way that somehow finds the balance between outright ridicule and the sort of clever criticism that even stalwart fans of the film can appreciate. The latest movie to get the “Honest Trailer” treatment is director Christopher Nolan’s celebrated sci-fi saga Interstellar, and the video certainly doesn’t pull any punches with one of Hollywood’s favorite filmmakers.

The video opens by introducing Interstellar as a film “from the director who apparently gets a lifetime pass because he made The Dark Knight,” and then proceeds to take the movie to task for star Matthew McConaughey’s acting, the use of various recycled sci-fi tropes, Hans Zimmer’s frequently overpowering score, and confusing final act in which Nolan is described as going “full-blown Shyamalan.”

It’s worth noting that if you haven’t seen Interstellar yet (and you really should), the video reveals quite a bit about the film’s plot twists and concluding series of events that are better left discovered on your own — so consider this an additional SPOILER ALERT on top of the one presented at the beginning of the video.

Nolan’s film about a former astronaut who travels through a wormhole in space in hope of finding humanity’s salvation earned five Academy Award nominations and took home an Oscar — so fans of the film shouldn’t be too upset about the (arguably well-earned) criticism of Interstellar in the video.

The long-running “Honest Trailers” series has generated more than 78 million views for the 97 videos currently featured on its YouTube playlist, with recent installments taking on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Cinderella, among other films. A special St. Patrick’s Day edition of the series recently featured a remixed trailer for the original Leprechaun.

The most popular “Honest Trailers” video produced thus far remains the remixed trailer for Frozen, which has garnered more than 23 million views since it was posted in March 2014.

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