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Jon Snow's fate 'spilled' by new Inside Amy Schumer season 4 promo

If you, like many others, are dying with curiosity about the fate of Game of Thrones‘ beloved Jon Snow, Amy Schumer is here on a literal white horse to save you with her theory. No guarantees as far as accuracy, but the new Inside Amy Schumer season 4 promo, released today, reveals Schumer’s take on the HBO series’ season 5 cliffhanger.

Drawing inspiration from Game of Thrones, the teaser features Schumer, looking like she rode off the set of the fantasy drama series, with two older men wearing furs at her horse’s side. “On April 21, Inside Amy Schumer returns, and no spoilers, but Jon Snow is definitely alive,” she says. After a noticeable pause, she adds, “Because he said no to doing our show.”

While the theory’s reasoning may be more influenced by comedy than fact, the promo does underscore the severity of the obsession over whether or not Jon Snow is alive. The character, played by actor Kit Harington, was (spoiler alert!) left to die in the season 5 finale, and Snow has been the subject of intense speculation ever since. Schumer’s take on the issue doesn’t align with that of Harington, who has insisted he’s off the show. However, on a series where anything can (and does) happen, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Inside Amy Schumer host proven right.

Fans will get more of Schumer’s risqué brand of humor when the Comedy Central series returns for its fourth season in just weeks. The sketch comedy, which features frequent guest stars, has been nominated for several Emmys over the course of its three seasons, with Schumer earning a Peabody Award in 2014. In spite of her success, though, the comedian insists in the new promo that “fame hasn’t change [her],” quipping that the horse is just the Uber that picked her up.

Inside Amy Schumer season 4 premieres on April 21 at 10:00 pm ET on Comedy Central.

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