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Jackpot! trailer: John Cena guards Awkwafina in deadly lottery adventure

A woman with a bloody nose sits in the front seat of a car and looks at a man driving.
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A winning lottery ticket can change your life. However, the prize can also kill you in the first trailer for Jackpot!, Paul Feig’s new action comedy starring Awkwafina and John Cena.

2030 Los Angeles. Katie Kim (Awkwafina) has returned to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. During an audition, Katie wins a multi-billion-dollar jackpot. This should be a life-changing moment for Katie. Instead, it becomes a nightmare. Katie learns that anyone with a losing ticket that kills her before sundown can claim the prize.

To survive, Katie needs some help. Enter Noel Cassidy (Cena), an amateur lottery protection agent who protects Katie in hopes of receiving some prize money. The rip-roaring adventures lead the duo all across the city, avoiding death at every turn. One of these jackpot hunters is Louis Lewis (Simu Liu), the owner of a lottery protection agency who wants Katie’s prize.

The end of a trailer featured an enticing sweepstakes where one lucky entrant will win Buffalo Wild Wings for a decade. Visit

Jackpot! - Official Trailer | Prime Video

Jackpot! is directed by Paul Feig and written by Rob Yescombe. Feig is best known for helming several comedies, including Bridesmaids, The Heat, Ghostbusters, and A Simple Favor. Feig is currently working on the sequel to A Simple FavorJackpot!‘s ensemble includes Simu Liu, MGK (Machine Gun Kelly), Sam Asghari, Donald Elise Watkins, and Murray Hill.

Cena continues his ascent as a legitimate action-comedy star. In 2024, the 16-time WWE champion starred in Argylle and Ricky Stanicky. Known for her role in The Farewell, Awkwafina has provided her voice for several movies this year, including Kung Fu Panda 4 and IF.

Jackpot! streams to Prime Video on August 15.

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