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Mess with this hilarious fake emulation of Seinfeld's 1993 Macintosh

jerry seinfeld mac emulation joke 2
Seinfeld lovers the world over would instantly recognize the sight of Jerry Seinfeld’s small, off-white Mac from 1993, a machine which sat woefully unused for the majority of the television series.

Now, with the help of a hilarious parody Twitter account called Seinfeld2000, users can finally explore a comedic emulation of the computer from the famed sitcom, complete with desktop, photos, and other hilarious links and documents.

The parody site features the classic black-and-which checkered background and home screen formatting as Jerry’s real-world Mac. And though functionality is limited on the virtual device, the internet emulation does offer many quirky hidden gems for modern day users.

The clickable internet search history tab, for example, reveals some hilarious queries. Jokes here range from episode-related humor like a search for “Saab parts,” to comedic and inane Seinfeld-exclusive questions like, “Can you get an STD if your girlfriend drops her toothbrush in the toilet and you kiss her?” and, “What if there was a referee for marriages?”

Links in the music folder take users to YouTube, where they get an 8-bit version of The Eagles’ Desperado, the Seinfeld Theme, and Will Smith’s iconic Gettin Jiggy With It. The comedian’s trash folder includes files called “Newman,” “Carrot Top,” “Friends,” and “Donald Trump.” Other functions include being able to read a first draft of the Bee Movie script, and a GIF of Elaine hidden in his “boring tax forms” folder.

Overall, the page is an interesting amalgamation of Seinfeld nostalgia and Seinfeld2000’s hilariously-misspelled Twitter page, and is well worth a look for those who enjoy the classic series — or those who have a Hulu Plus subscription and are making their way through the show for the first time.

For more of Seinfeld2000’s ongoing Seinfeld humor, we suggest that you follow the account on Twitter.

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