Sin City director Robert Rodriguez to bring Jonny Quest to the big screen

jonny quest robert rodriguez

For those who only know filmmaker Robert Rodriguez from his work on films like From Dusk Til DawnDesperado, and Sin City, the news that he will direct a live-action movie based on the classic cartoon series Jonny Quest might seem a little bizarre. Parents shouldn’t worry, though, as Rodriguez has an impressive resume in the world of family-friendly movies, too.

According to Deadline, Rodriguez will direct and co-write the upcoming feature-length movie adaptation of the series about a globe-trotting scientist’s son who gets caught up in one adventure after another. The Lone Ranger and Pirates of the Caribbean writer Terry Rossio will co-write the script with Rodriguez, based on an earlier draft penned by Dan Mazeau.

The creator and director of the family-friendly Spy Kids movie franchise that has earned more than $550 million worldwide, Rodriguez also directed the 2005 kid-friendly superhero movie The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl — marking a sharp departure from the bloody, adult-audience fare that he had previously been associated with in Hollywood.

The live-action version of Jonny Quest has been in the works for several years now, with both Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson rumored to be in consideration for the film. Several filmmakers have attempted to bring a live-action version of the series to the big screen, including Race to Witch Mountain director Andy Fick, Grudge Match director Peter Segal, and Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner.

The original series featured a titular boy hero engaging in various adventures during his father’s journeys around the world while accompanied by his adopted brother, Hadji Singh, and his bodyguard, Race Bannon. It lasted for just 26 episodes that aired between 1964-1965, but was followed by revivals in the ’80s and ’90s.

It’s worth noting that the series also served as the inspiration for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim series The Venture Bros., which followed the adventures of two bumbling brothers, their scientist father, and their tough-as-nails bodyguard as they get caught up in one ridiculous scenario after another.