Kate Winslet to play iconic war correspondant Lee Miller

kate winslet lee miller movie
Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, American war photographer Lee Miller shot about 100 novels’ worth of images from World War II. An acclaimed war correspondent for Vogue, Miller photographed the liberation of Paris, the London Blitz, and the aftermath of the atrocities that took place in concentration camps like Buchenwald and Dachau. She was also on the other side of the camera for one of the most iconic photos of all time, as she took a bath in the vanquished Führer’s personal tub.

In short: Lee Miller was the type of woman you make movies about — and that’s just what Hollywood intends to do.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kate Winslet will play the photographer in an as-yet untitled film adapted from the book The Lives of Lee Miller, a biography penned by her son, Antony Penrose.

The book is so-named because Miller’s life was complex and full of variety. She was a successful fashion model in New York City, a fine art photographer in Paris, a war correspondent in Europe during WWII, and an active participant in the surrealist movement, becoming acquainted with small-time artists like Pablo Picasso …

The film’s producers have been granted access to Miller’s archives, which include diary entries, photographs, and plenty of material to help Winslet get a picture (no pun intended) of the woman she’ll be portraying. The actress has a reputation for playing characters with guts and gusto, but this latest role may just take the cake on both counts.

The project hasn’t inked a writer or director yet, and details are still scarce at this point, but you can always check out Penrose’s book if you haven’t already. You can also check out Winslet as Joanna Hoffman in Steve Jobs, which hits theaters Oct. 23, 2015.