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A Goodfella and Marky Ramone battle zombies in animated Killogy teaser

Killogy: The Animated Series - Teaser [NSFW]
(Warning: zombie violence and foul language make this teaser NSFW)

When it comes to saving New York City from zombies, the teaser for Life of Agony bassist Alan Robert’s animated series Killogy offers one of the more unexpected lineups of unlikely heroes: iconic Goodfellas actor Frank Vincent, punk icon Marky Ramone, Heroes actress Brea Grant, and former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein.

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Okay, so they’re not actually playing themselves in the six-minute teaser for the series, which features some adult language and gory violence to go along with the bloody mayhem, but they might as well be. And even more surprisingly, it’s the sort of bizarre team-up that falls into both the “so crazy it just might work” and “you need to see it to believe it” categories.

Adapted from Robert’s popular comic book series of the same name, Killogy follows three accused murderers voiced by Vincent, Ramone, and Grant who are forced to contend with a plague of zombies after a voodoo curse turns Brooklyn into their feeding ground — and floods the streets with blood.

The comic book hit shelves in 2012 and was one of the year’s surprise hits, earning praise from critics and fans alike for its unique premise and horror elements. And let’s face it — if there are zombies and comics involved, these days, that means a story is destined for the screen. The original series was followed by a special Halloween story featuring Doyle as a bar bouncer contending with the same zombie infestation.

Adding to the series’ quirky appeal, all three aforementioned characters and the supporting character played by Doyle are actually drawn to look like the real-world actors and musicians playing them.

“If anyone can survive an ocean of blood and an army of possessed monsters, it’s a drummer from Brooklyn,” joked Ramone in an interview with Rolling Stone about the project.

While there’s no release date set for the Killogy series at this point, the project has an impressive creative team behind it, with award-winning producer Rodney Barnes (The Boondocks, Everybody Hates Chris) joined by Chris White (V/H/S Viral), Jeff Mazzola (Descent), and Robert.

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