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Steven Bochco is rebooting LA Law, may bring back original cast members

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There are a fair number of unnecessary reboots out there, but sometimes it’s worth returning to a series. L.A. Law, the hit ’80s and ’90s legal drama, is one that looks promising, and, after years of rejecting the idea, series creator Steven Bochco has finally decided to go for it. He revealed during a recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show that he is working on an L.A. Law reboot.

Known for tackling burning social issues, captivating audiences, and racking up Emmys, L.A. Law ran from 1986 to 1994. During its eight seasons, its ensemble cast featured a number of guest stars, many of whom went on to become household names. The show’s impressive list of alums include the likes of Kathy Bates, Bryan Cranston, Don Cheadle, Lucy Liu, Christian Slater, Kevin Spacey, and more.

Given the series’ success, a reboot might seem like a no-brainer, but Bochco told Eisen that he wasn’t interested at first. He’d been asked about the idea multiple times over the years, but his interest wasn’t piqued until one of the original writers, Bill Finkelstein, pointed out how much law has changed since the show premiered in 1986.

“The kind of law that’s relevant in 2016 didn’t even exist in 1986,” said Bochco in the interview.

When he considered the “many interesting legal aspects” that have emerged in our society, Bochco was inspired to call Fox to discuss about a reconceptualized reboot. The idea was met with interest, and the project is now underway.

Eisen asked Bochco about whether any of the original cast would return, pointing out that some of their characters could still be practicing law. Bochco was vague, but he did say that he might call on “a couple” of the original series’ cast members to reprise their roles. It remains to be seen whether he’ll be able to nail any of them down for regular roles, or if perhaps they will guest star instead.

Bochco shared that the script will probably be done in October, and, if Fox picks it up, a pilot could be ready in the spring.

Watch the full interview below.

Creator & ExecutiveProducer Steven Bochco Announces The Reboot of L.A. Law is in the Works - 8/1/16

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