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Your guide to K-pop group Le Sserafim’s exciting Antifragile comeback

Le Sserafim is one of the most exciting new K-pop groups of 2022, and they are preparing for a comeback in October. Why exciting? That’s what we’re about to explain because if their first mini-album release is anything to go by, this is going to be one you’ll definitely want to hear. Let’s introduce the members and get ready for the comeback.


Announced on September 18 by Source Music, Le Sserafim’s music label, the group’s second mini-album will be called Antifragile. According to the company, it will be about, “Le Sserafim’s inner stories and attitudes as they become stronger once they face adversities.” It will be released on October 17 at 6 p.m. Korea time, which is 2 a.m. PT or 5 a.m. ET. The following teaser was posted to YouTube.


The 14-second video doesn’t give much away, with only the words, “Do you think I’m fragile?” appearing on screen with a short guitar-and-drum riff over the top, before ending with the group’s excellent animated logo. More will come soon, and we expect the first promotional images to arrive with a timeline for when to expect our first listen to the new songs.


Before Antifragile’s release, you should go back and listen to the group’s first release, named Fearless. Powerful songs from K-pop groups are nothing new, but Le Sserafim’s sound isn’t like Blackpink. It’s more subtle and minimalist, there’s a strong focus on dance, and the lyrics definitely portray the beginning of Le Sserafim’s story. Antifragile, and more specifically the question asked in the teaser, continue it.


At this point, you’ll probably have noticed the connection between the first mini-album’s title and the group’s name, which is an anagram of the phrase “I’m Fearless.” Now, put all these keywords together, along with the effortlessly cool, ultra dynamic vibe from the Fearless video, and Le Sserafim’s overall concept becomes clear.

Who are Le Sserafim?

Le Sserafim has five members: group leader Kim Chae-won, Miyawaki Sakura, Huh Yun-jin, Nakamura Kazuha, and Hong Eun-chae. Chaewon and Sakura are established idols, having both worked together before as members of the now-disbanded group Iz*one, and Sakura already holds considerable popularity in Japan as a former member of the idol group HKT48. The pair also knew Yunjin before Le Sserafim’s formation, having met on the Produce 48 survival show that was the launchpad for Iz*one.

Le Sserafim members seated and posing.
(left to right) Miyawaki Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Huh Yunjin, Hong Eunchae, Nakamura Kazuha Le Sserafim/Twitter

Yunjin, a Korean-American, joins Eunchae and Kazuha (the group’s second Japanese member with Sakura, and known in the group simply as Zuha) in making their debut as part of Le Sserafim. However, when Le Sserafim debuted in mid-2022 it did so with a sixth member, Kim Ga-ram. Following a scandal related to allegations of bullying, Ga-ram was put on temporary hiatus before her contract was ended by Source Music at the end of July.

If you want to get to know the members, then our recommendation is to watch the group’s Welcome to the Leniverse variety-style show, which is available on YouTube with English subtitles. It really shows the close relationship between the members and their individual personalities. It’s a lot of fun.

LE SSERAFIM (르세라핌) Documentary 'The World Is My Oyster' TRAILER

After that, there is a superb four-part documentary called The World is My Oyster, which details the group’s formation and debut. It’s an in-depth look at how an idol group starts out, and the amazing level of work and dedication the members put in.

How to pre-order Antifragile

In typical K-pop tradition, you can already pre-order the CD of Le Sserafim’s Antifragile mini-album, ready to show your support for the group. There are two versions, split into multiple individual versions. The primary version comes in three versions, all contained in a differing outer box, with a different booklet and CD inside. The box also has a photo card, postcard, stickers, and a poster.

A second Compact version comes in five different editions, and although the cover art hasn’t been revealed yet, it’s likely each one will feature a different member. There are also five different booklets and random photo cards and a postcard included.

Antifragile is available through various online retailers including Le Sserafim’s own Weverse store, Global Interpark, and Yes24. Prices start at around $8 for one of the Compact versions, and around $14 for the primary mini-album set.

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