DC’s superheroes can’t stop picking fights in the latest Legends of Tomorrow preview

The success of The CW’s dual superhero series Arrow and The Flash has fans looking forward to the premiere of the time-traveling team-up series Legends of Tomorrow next month, and the network is keeping excitement high with yet another preview of what’s to come when the supporting cast of its two established series come together for their own adventures.

Clocking in at just over a minute, the teaser features the cast of colorful superheroes (and villains) doing what they do best: kicking bad guys’ butts all over history.

Premiering in January, Legends of Tomorrow brings together supporting cast members from Arrow and The Flash for their own, ongoing series that has them traveling through time with adventurer Rip Hunter (played by Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill) and attempting to thwart the diabolical machinations of the immortal villain Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). Along with their battle against Savage, the team must contend with their own conflicting loyalties due to the presence of a pair of villains, a resurrected killer, and various other mismatched members who will need to act like a team if they’re ever going to become legends.

Along with Darvill and Crump, the series stars Victor Garber (The Flash) as Dr. Martin Stein, Brandon Routh (Arrow, Superman Returns) as Ray Palmer, Caity Lotz (Arrow) as White Canary, Ciarra Renee (The Flash) as Hawkgirl, and Franz Drameh (The Flash) as Jefferson “Jax” Jackson, Dominic Purcell (The Flash, Prison Break) as Heat Wave, Falk Hentschel (Arrow) as Hawkman, and Wentworth Miller (The Flash, Prison Break) as Captain Cold.

Legends of Tomorrow is executive produced by Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow), Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters), Andrew Kreisberg (The Flash, Warehouse 13), and Sarah Schechter (The Flash, Pan). The series will premiere Thursday, January 21, on The CW.

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