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The Lego Batman Movie’s second teaser in a week is even more hilarious

The LEGO Batman Movie - Wayne Manor Teaser Trailer [HD]
Despite the hype, the recently-released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has largely underwhelmed with audiences and critics alike. That said, the Dark Knight won’t have to wait all that long for a shot at redemption.

Featuring a petulant and self-obsessed version of the Caped Crusader, The Lego Batman Movie is on the way in early 2017 and today, Warner Bros. Pictures released the second teaser trailer for the film in a week. The spot comes hot on the heels of teaser number one, which hit the interwebs on Thursday, but this latest trailer packs a bigger punch and — most importantly — more laughs.

Dubbed, the Batcave teaser, the first spot was intro’d by a beat-boxing, mic-dropping Batman (Will Arnett), but probably spent a bit too much time on a joke about Bruce Wayne’s post-work snack (lobster thermidor). The second spot, the Wayne Manor teaser, goes back to Batman’s roots with a hysterical meta joke about the franchise’s previous films. The two-minute spot also features a hip-hop-ified version of the classic Batman theme, courtesy of V.I.C.and Hurricane Chris (We Ridin’).

More importantly, the latest look does a better job of capturing the hysterical irreverence that made everyone’s favorite deadbeat boyfriend the breakout star of The Lego Movie. Case in point: At 1:18, after Alfred encourages him to talk about his feelings, the Dark Knight throws a temper tantrum which somehow transitions into beatboxing and breakdancing. He then chastises his mentor for failing to record the awesomeness that just ensued. In this version of Wayne Manor, rule number one is ABR: Always Be Recording.

After the dark and dour affair that was Batman v Superman, we can’t help but feel like this is the hero Gotham really needs.

The Lego Batman Movie hits theaters February 10 2017. Stay tuned for updates.

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