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This Luke Cage trailer was tagged onto the credits of DareDevil season 2

If there was any lingering doubt over whether Netflix was fully committed to its part in developing the Marvel cinematic universe, this trailer should wipe it right out.

Tagged onto the end of the DareDevil Season 2 credits appears the first teaser trailer for the upcoming series based on Marvel character Luke Cage, due to hit Netflix September 30. Following the DareDevil season 2 premiere three days ago, the trailer has been isolated and posted on YouTube as a stand-alone clip. The trailer can also be seen here on Netflix’s site.

For those not familiar, Luke Cage, played by actor Mike Colter, co-stars in Jessica Jones as the protagonist’s superhuman love interest. Cage’s powers and abilities in the series essentially boil down to superhuman strength and invincibility.

It has been known for some time now that Luke Cage would follow Daredevil and Jessica Jones, with Iron Fist to follow. What remains unclear is where the series will exist in relation the other story lines in the franchise, though it’s likely we’ll see Jessica Jones appear at some point, if only in passing.

A crossover series combining all four shows, The Defenders, is expected much further down the road.

For now we only get a brief glimpse of what the new show might look like in the 20-second clip, which shows Cage getting fired on by a couple of bad guys who clearly have no idea the bullets will do nothing to harm him. True to form, Cage’s demeanor portrays a calm exterior, with a caged beast coiled underneath.

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