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OK Go collaborates with Samsung for new music video

Indie stars OK Go have a new music video out today, and instead of a goofy one-take video like the famous treadmill routine or the crazy antics of “This Too Shall Pass,” the band has collaborated with Samsung in coordination with the release of the company’s new NX100 camera. The video for “Last Leaf” was created by using thousands of photographs (and many pieces of toast) taken with the Samsung NX100. The stop motion clip uses these images as well as hand-drawn animations that the band created with award-winning animator Geoff McFettridge.

The camera ($599), which shoots 720p HD video, is a small but high-quality interchangeable lens camera that sits somewhere between your point and shoot and a full-on DSLR. You can see behind-the-scenes footage at and get the scoop from the band on how their creative vision came to life.

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