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New Simpsons search engine boasts 3 million glorious screenshots

the simpsons live segment may
Sometimes, you just need a meme from The Simpsons to capture the moment. And fortunately for fans of the storied series, generating your own has just gotten easier. A new website called Frinkiac has recently been unveiled, and it serves as a Simpsons screenshot search engine, allowing users to find images using quotes from their favorite animated sitcom.

The website is described as having been built “for people who love The Simpsons” and “to enhance and enable that love.” The creators, Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte, and Allie Young, hope to get people watching and re-watching more of the iconic series, as well as to just give users something fun to do. So far, Frinkiac has roughly 3 million screenshots available, taken from episodes spanning the first 15 seasons so far (albeit with some problems in season 11 that are still being ironed out).

By indexing subtitles, Frinkiac’s search engine can pull up images based on what was said during a given scene. Users can then use the images they find to send to friends as they are or to edit and create an entertaining meme. “Never again find yourself wishing you could pinpoint the second his heart rips in half,” the creators write, referring to a scene in which Bart plays back footage of Lisa breaking Ralph’s heart.

The creators are clearly Simpsons fans themselves. Kehrer joked that the site may be more of a “Shelbyville idea” when he tweeted out the news, alluding to Springfield’s famous rival town.

They reinforced their love for the show on the website, writing, “The Simpsons is one of (the) greatest television comedies of all time and we hope that having ready access to the perfect screenshot will make people laugh and remind them to rewatch [sic] their favorite episodes.” So go forth, fans, and make some Simpsons memes!

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